9. Celebrity

Celebrity - much as for the previous steps of 'Exposure' and 'Criticism' - is seen by Bunn as an "apparently compulsory but totally objectionable" aspect of success in the world today, whether in the field of art or elsewhere. And, also as with those other objectionable aspects, it is one of which Bunn warns the artist to beware. Superficially, Bunn notes that celebrity may appear to be an attractive prospect, identified as it is with the concept of being recognised, with being invited, with guesting on TV shows or in magazines. In practice, however, it has many unpleasant concomitant issues one of which he amusingly highlights with the 'Duchampian Press Release'; celebrity, it seems, brings as much uninvited attention as it does invited attention. And yet if one cannot have success without it thus one cannot have success without that uninvited attention. Celebrity is an unpleasant addendum to the modern world.